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Las canciones de redención de Jason Isbell

Tras la muerte de John Prine, he retomado mi escucha de la música que en español podríamos decir country. Más preciso: Americana.   
Isbell's last three records have built him one of the broadest and most devoted fan bases in modern music: emotional hipster kids, hard-bitten Nashville guitar players, brainy suburban moms. On Twitter, there is a running joke among sportswriters—not usually the most persuadable group—that Isbell has replaced Bruce Springsteen in their very limited pantheon. “Nobody had gone after them before,” Isbell said, grinning, when I asked if he'd noticed this. “Everybody thought—it's like the line from [Leonard Cohen's] ‘Famous Blue Raincoat.’ You know, I thought it was there for good so I never tried. You thought nobody could win over the cold heart of sportswriters of America, but you were wrong.”

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