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Mostrando las entradas de septiembre, 2019

Wow, whatta a dick!

Hay filosofía y literatura en los dick jokes. Comedy is one of the only art forms that allows us to talk about male genitalia so openly and democratically. Link:  Despite the Odds, the Dick Joke Is Thriving. And It’s Only Going Up from Here.

Ahora ya se pueden burlar de mi estética de Instagram

Al parecer la “brotography” es real. “You see it the most on Instagram, but I think men generally want to take ‘serious’ photos, as opposed to selfies or whatever pictures they think women take. So they’ll photograph inanimate objects and concrete. It could be a boring photo, but it’s art to them.”  Link:  THE COLD, STERILE ART OF INSTAGRAM BROTOGRAPHY 

John Milton, lector de Shakespeare

Es adorable que a nivel local en Filadelfia, la nota del folio shakespeareano anotada por John Milton haya sido la nota de ocho columnas en el periódico The Philadelphia Enquirer. above the fold! cc @jes1003 — claire m. l. bourne (@roaringgirle) September 18, 2019 Este es el descubrimiento contemporáneo más importante dentro la literatura, la biblioteconomía y la documentación. “The book is absolutely covered with lines in the margin of passages and when you’re reading those thinking the annotator is Milton they become really interesting,” he said. “It’s how they echo with his work, the sense that the volume offers you the opportunity to read Shakespeare through Milton’s eyes. Because the lines in the margin don’t give you any verbal content, you don’t know why he’s singled out a passage for attention, but it forces you to think your way into Milton’s head and it does really chime with a lot of what goes on in his poetry, so you can see him con

Susan Sontag

The dauntingly erudite, strikingly handsome woman who became a star of the New York intelligentsia when barely thirty, after publishing the essay “Notes on Camp,” and who went on to produce book after book of advanced criticism and fiction, i s brought low in this biography . She emerges from it as a person more to be pitied than envied.

‘L.A. Dreaming’ de Alex Prager

“Las fotografías en la serie son complementarias al filme” . El Minino, fotógrafo local, me comentó de Alex Prager en un curso de fotografía que tomé en el Colectivo Máquina Fotográfica.

Cómo Chance the Rapper y Beavis and Butthead influyen en ‘Steven Universe, la Película’

La saga intergaláctica de Rebecca Sugar ya tiene una película (en Cartoon Network).

Entrevista a FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs habla del proceso creativo de su segundo album. Amo la fotografía de Willy Vanderperre. Link:  how losing everything saved fka twigs