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John Milton, lector de Shakespeare

Es adorable que a nivel local en Filadelfia, la nota del folio shakespeareano anotada por John Milton haya sido la nota de ocho columnas en el periódico The Philadelphia Enquirer.

Este es el descubrimiento contemporáneo más importante dentro la literatura, la biblioteconomía y la documentación.

“The book is absolutely covered with lines in the margin of passages and when you’re reading those thinking the annotator is Milton they become really interesting,” he said. “It’s how they echo with his work, the sense that the volume offers you the opportunity to read Shakespeare through Milton’s eyes. Because the lines in the margin don’t give you any verbal content, you don’t know why he’s singled out a passage for attention, but it forces you to think your way into Milton’s head and it does really chime with a lot of what goes on in his poetry, so you can see him constructing himself through Shakespeare.”
“Milton se construyó como poeta a través de Shakespeare”.

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