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Mostrando las entradas de mayo, 2021

Roger Federer recuerda a David Foster Wallace

Escéptico. In 2006, the late writer David Foster Wallace profiled a then-25-year-old Federer for The New York Times. What resulted from a less-than-30 minute conversation in a cramped ATP office was an essay so transcendent, so instantly canonical, that it has made further literary attempts to capture the beauty of Federer’s game in words somewhat redundant (even as the profile itself faced scrutiny for the liberties it might have taken with accuracy). A 2019 New Yorker review of Wallace’s body of work remarked how “The greatest tennis writer of his generation was writing about the greatest player of his generation. The sentence needs no qualifiers.” Fifteen years later, memories of the conversation with Foster Wallace still linger. “I remember where we were when we did the interview,” he says. “It was in an office on the side, like sort of by the green grass they have there. It was an area where we always say, ‘I'll meet you at the grass’ … So I went to speak there for like, half

La Extraña Muerte de Eugene Izzi

La muerte del autor de novela policiaca Eugene Izzi fue catalogada como un suicidio. Pero hay elementos que no encajan: Izzi was wearing a bulletproof vest when he died and had been carrying a .38-caliber revolver for weeks. The fully loaded gun was found on his office floor when Chicago police and firemen recovered his body. They also discovered other items in his trouser pockets and in the pockets of his blue winter overcoat: brass knuckles, a can of Mace, three computer diskettes, a couple of threatening notes containing the words danger and beware, and the transcript of a phone call that had been left on his voice mail. In the days before his death, Izzi had played the message for anyone whose ear he could grab. At least half a dozen people had heard the halting female voice say that Izzi’s infiltration of the Indiana militia had been discovered; he’d been tried by a kangaroo court and sentenced to die by “a flaming rope.”

Olivia Rodrigo Is The Real Thing

  OK, hay que hablar y dejar algo muy en claro: el mayor fenómeno de la música en 2021 es Olivia Rodrigo. Ha sacado tres sencillos y cada uno de ellos hace que sus escuchas vivan el angst adolescente del amor.  En The Guardian le hicieron un perfil ahora que saldrá su primer disco Sour y previo a su aparición en los Brits Awards y en en SNL. Released in January, Drivers License sprang (almost) out of nowhere like a heaved sob. Four days later, it broke Spotify records for the most single-day streams (Christmas songs exempted). The next day, it broke that record again. After 10 weeks at No 1 in the US and nine in the UK, it has been streamed 1.9bn times. Next Tuesday, the California-born songwriter makes her live debut at the Brits; the following weekend, she does Saturday Night Live; a week later she releases her debut album, Sour, a grippingly well written – all by her – collection of balladry, pop-punk, bitter diatribes and euphoric taunts that dwells on this romantic treachery. Eve

Guía para vida sexual post-covid

Hay personas que se han vacunado y que andan horny. Hay otros que siempre han estado horny incluso durante la pandemia y el siguiente enlace ya les sea meh. Link:  Is oral sex more Covid-safe than kissing? The expert guide to a horny, healthy summer

J. Cole - The Off-Season

  Me gusta el concepto que maneja J. Cole para el título de su más reciente álbum: The Off-Season no se refiere a la temporada baja sino al trabajo de sombra que se hace antes de la verdadera campaña.  Junto con el lanzamiento de esta producción se anunció en estos días que J. Cole se integraría a un equipo de baloncesto en África: Rwanda Patriots. Ya tuvo su primer partido. Anotó tres puntos y tuvo más asistencias y rebotes.

St Vicent - Daddy's Home

  El primer track de la nueva producción de St. Vicent “Daddy's Home”, me hizo recordar a ‘Debra’ en el Midnite Vultures de Beck.  Ya he escuchado el Daddy's Home en dos ocasiones este fin de semana. Siento que Beck realizó el mejor disco setentero fuera de la misma década de los 70s hasta el momento.  

Remembrance on AI

Utilicé herramientas de AI (Inteligencia Artificial) para hacer este collage con fotografías de mi madre cuando fue una niña. El duelo para mí es una herramienta creativa.  



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Fragmentos sobre Proust

  Por Harold Bloom tengo conocimiento, sin poderlo constatar, que “En Busca del Tiempo Perdido” de Marcel Proust es la gran obra de la envidia sexual. Un tema tremenda profundo dentro de la condición humana. Los siguientes son fragmentos que rescato del articulo publicado en el New Yorker “What We Find When We Get Lost in Proust”. The son of a half-Jewish Parisian grand-bourgeois family, Proust was known, before the 1913 publication of “Swann’s Way,” as a malicious, amusing, slightly absurd society boy, with a vaguely pathetic literary hobby. He had written some standard-issue aesthetic essays and stories, which no one read, and had translated Ruskin’s study of the Amiens cathedral. (He was an inveterate Anglophile: his favorite novelist was George Eliot, and his favorite novel “The Mill on the Floss.”) A charming society hanger-on, he was admired by his close friends for his literary dedication and the extraordinary flow of