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La Extraña Muerte de Eugene Izzi

La muerte del autor de novela policiaca Eugene Izzi fue catalogada como un suicidio. Pero hay elementos que no encajan:

Izzi was wearing a bulletproof vest when he died and had been carrying a .38-caliber revolver for weeks. The fully loaded gun was found on his office floor when Chicago police and firemen recovered his body. They also discovered other items in his trouser pockets and in the pockets of his blue winter overcoat: brass knuckles, a can of Mace, three computer diskettes, a couple of threatening notes containing the words danger and beware, and the transcript of a phone call that had been left on his voice mail. In the days before his death, Izzi had played the message for anyone whose ear he could grab. At least half a dozen people had heard the halting female voice say that Izzi’s infiltration of the Indiana militia had been discovered; he’d been tried by a kangaroo court and sentenced to die by “a flaming rope.”