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Amparo Dávila en inglés

Durante el fin de semana me enteré del fallecimiento de Amparo Dávila. 
Called “extraordinary” by Julio Cortazár and revered by Spanish readers, Dávila made her English debut at 90 with her story collection The Houseguest translated by Audrey Harris and Matt Gleeson.
To honor her memory, we make available here her story “Oscar” published in The Houseguest in 2018.
Link: Oscar by Amparo Dávila

Nivel socioeconómico, de los mayores riesgos de mortandad ante peste moderna

La paciente de covid-19 había trabajado por alrededor de 30 años en el hospital al que solicitó su ingreso, el cual le fue negado.
Gatewood drove herself to the Beaumont Hospital emergency room in Farmington Hills on March 18, where she requested a test and was sent home.
“They said she wasn’t severe enough and that they weren’t going to test her,” said Kaila Corrothers, Gatewood’s only child. “They told her to just go home and rest.”
Le faltaban sólo dos años para retirarse y recibir su pensión.

Link: Black Woman Dies From Coronavirus After Being Turned Away 4 Times From Hospital She Worked at for Decades

Homeland, temporada final

Esta reseña en The AV Club sobre la temporada final de Homeland me recuerda que todavía en el 2020 seguía activa la serie. 
Creo que vi sus primeras dos temporadas y fue todo. Intentaré retomarla.

Link: A tense, riveting Homeland series finale concludes with a preposterous coda

Similitudes entre pandemia de 1918 y 2020 de acuerdo a Billboard

Teatros cerrados, chicas cantando en las calles (luego de que los teatros cerraran)...
The news is full of“unprecedented” situations, but Billboard is 126 years old, and we’ve seen it all — including the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed an estimated 675,000 Americans and shut down public gatherings in many big cities for weeks or months. A look at the magazine’s archives shows that the issues facing the entertainment business at the time seem frighteningly familiar. (Back then, Billboard covered it all — Broadway to burlesque, circuses to state fairs.) History may not repeat itself, as the saying goes — but it often rhymes.

Link: Billboard's Coverage of 1918 Pandemic Reveals Eerie Similarities

Las afinidades dormidas

In one study, researchers asked hundreds of people to seek advice on an important work project. Surprisingly, the participants didn’t get the most valuable help, solutions and referrals from their current ties. They got it from their dormant ties — people they hadn’t talked to in at least three years. Like our weak ties, our dormant ties have fresh perspectives from meeting different people and learning different things. But like with our strong ties, we have some shared history. When we’re looking for help, it’s easier to ask someone we used to know than someone we hardly know.

Link: We Don’t Just Need to Connect — We Need to Reconnect

Hartazgo por cuarentena

Esto más que llamarsa "fatiga por cuarentena", debería expresarse como hartazgo por cuarentena. 
Public health experts say any data showing widespread public resolve or cooperation beginning to wane is noteworthy. Because this is the first U.S. pandemic in 100 years, they don’t know how long people are willing to tolerate cabin fever for the greater good.
They say they’re not surprised, however, that a slide occurred in a week that saw the first highly publicized challenges to such orders by protesters and President Trump, who tweeted his support to “liberate” states from shutdowns. The White House also released federal guidelines that week for states seeking to reopen their economies. And a growing number of governors, including in Texas, Minnesota and Vermont, set dates for when they planned to gradually lift restrictions.
Pienso en un headline: "Rompe cuarentena por hartazgo"
Link: ‘Quarantine fatigue’: Researchers find more Americans venturing out against coronavir…

El Tarot psicológico de Carl Gustav Jung

In a 1933 lecture Jung went on at length about his views on the Tarot, noting the late Medieval cards are "really the origin of our pack of cards, in which the red and the black symbolize the opposites, and the division of the four—clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts—also belongs to the individual symbolism.
They are psychological images, symbols with which one plays, as the unconscious seems to play with its contents.” The cards, said Jung, “combine in certain ways, and the different combinations correspond to the playful development of mankind.” This, too, is how Tarot works—with the added dimension of “symbols, or pictures of symbolical situations.” The images—the hanged man, the tower, the sun—“are sort of archetypal ideas, of a differentiated nature.”
Link: Carl Jung: Tarot Cards Provide Doorways to the Unconscious, and Maybe a Way to Predict the Future


La historia compartida entre Westside Gunn y Virgil Abloh

Esta entrevista con Westside Gunn y Virgil Abloh me hace retomar dos ideas: 1) hacer ropa y 2) el uso del clasicismo. Aunque no necesariamente un retorno a las fuentes clásicas, más algo como Renacimiento o Prerrafaelitas. 
Veo esta imagen dentro de la entrevista:

Pienso que para un libro que escribí tenía la idea de poner como portada esta pintura. 

Había una cierta afinidad. Mi ingenuidad era creer entonce que además de escribir el libro podría estar involucrado en el diseño del mismo.

Link: Westside Gunn and Virgil Abloh Talk About Their Shared History, Coming Back from Coronavirus, and Being the “Best in Class”

Récord futil

Este video muestra a un hombre haciendo lagartijas a lo largo de una hora. Es un récord Guinness. Pero al correrlo por un minuto, te das cuenta que no hace correctamente una sola lagartija con el rango de movimiento requerido para una lagartija. 


Visto en mis Saved de Instagram. El Finsta.

Si hay una plaga, preferimos estar del lado de la putrefacción

Aunque es poco probable que lean el libro Florence Under Siege: Surviving Plague in an Early Modern City, en el London Review of Books Erin Maglaque escribió sobre la publicación. 
From the point of view of the Sanità, the poor were constitutionally incapable of acting in the greater interests of the city. Tracing early cases to understand the spread of the outbreak, Francesco Rondinelli, a contemporary historian of the plague, placed the blame on poor people who had selfishly visited friends and family despite the risk of contagion. He told the story of the wife of a baker who went to nurse her daughter in Trespiano but returned home sick herself, and then spread the plague among her household, resulting in the deaths of seven others. The wife of a builder went to nurse her sick sister. When her sister died, the woman took the shirt she had been wearing at her death and gave it to her daughter. This ‘loving action had cost her dearly’: she, her husband and their daughter all died. In …

Eliud Kipchoge en frases

La entrevista aborda el polémico récord de Eliud Kipchoge al romper con la marca de las dos horas para un maratón. 
But before the sweat had even dried, there were detractors. Purists pointed to the pace team, his squad of 41 interchanging runners, noting that, as at Monza, they rendered the performance ineligible for a world record. Others questioned Kipchoge's racing shoe: a prototype of Nike's Alphafly Next%. The pair he wore in Monza was itself a variation of the Vaporfly 4%, a shoe that promised 4 percent more efficiency than the next-fastest Nike model at the time. This new, unreleased version offered benefits unknown. Talk of the shoe being banned grew rampant. Afterward, World Athletics, the sport's governing body, decreed that, going forward, in international competitions athletes would have to compete in shoes that had been available to the public for at least four months, among other regulations.
Kipchoge's Nikes were legal, but that became the irony of sub-2:…

Chris Evans en Esquire

Me ha caído mejor Chris Evans en Knives Out que durante toda su saga como Capitán América. Me gustó mucho la fotografía y el arte en su entrevista con Esquire para la edición de abril/mayo 2020.  

Link: Chris Evans Doesn’t Like to Talk About Himself. But He Did. Sort Of.

Diseño techwear oficial de Death Stranding x Errolson Hugh

Ya había mencionado a Errolson Hugh el año pasado. El modelo de chaqueta J1A-GT que aparece en el videojuego Death Stranding fue motivo de una colaboración entre la casa Acronym y Hideo Kojima y su empresa Kojima Productions.
A pesar que cuestan casi 2,000 dólares, las chaquetas se agotaron de inmediato. En dos ocasiones: tanto al ponerse disponibles en Acronym como luego en la Kojima Productions Store. 
Hay una entrevista en HighSnobiety sobre el diseño techwear bien hecho dentro de Death Stranding. 

View this post on Instagram Update: Sold out but now available on KP domestic 🇯🇵 site: ⚡️⚡️⚡️... J1A-GTKP* ... Official BRIDGES x ΛCRИM® jacket to commemorate the release of DEATH STRANDING.† Developed in close collaboration with Hideo Kojima and KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS. Conceived and art directed by Yoji Shinkawa. . Now available at ΛCRИ . *[ J1A-GT Gen 2.2 ] . †Copyright © 2020 ©2019 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. DEATH STRANDING is a trademark of…

Lennon Stella - Three.Two.One

Me encontré esto como música nueva para esta semana. Three.Two.One de Lennon Stella. Disfrutable.

¿Por qué existe el sexo como mecanismo y no sólo la reproducción asexual, la cual tiene, también, sus beneficios?

Sex might be biology’s most difficult enigma. The downsides of relying on sex to reproduce are undeniable: It takes two individuals, each of whom gets to pass on only part of their genome. Because these individuals generally have to get fairly intimate, they make themselves vulnerable to physical harm or infections from their partner. Asexual reproduction, or self-cloning, has none of these disadvantages. Clones can be made anywhere and anytime, and they receive the full complement of an individual’s genes.
Yet despite all its benefits, asexual reproduction is the exception, not the norm, among organisms that have compartmentalized cells (eukaryotes). In plants, for example — which are somewhat known for their genetic flexibility — less than 1% of species are thought to reproduce asexually often. Among animals, only one out of every thousand known species is exclusively asexual. For centuries, biologists have pondered this apparent paradox.

• Even the idea that sex is for …

Mientras tanto, la gente rompe cuarentena para pagar recibos

As governments around the world pour money into their economies to cushion the blow from the coronavirus, Mexico’s president is going the other way. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador insists that past bailouts worsened problems and is refusing to implement significant stimulus measures even if it means suffering for small businesses and millions of Mexican workers who are at risk of losing their jobs.
Link: As World Spends Heavily on Virus Fight, Mexico’s Leader Bets on Austerity

Agujeros negros al ritmo de Elvis Presley

Researchers with the world’s gravitational wave detectors said today they had picked up vibrations from a cosmic collision that harmonized with the opening notes of an Elvis Presley hit. The source was the most exotic merger of two black holes detected yet—a pair in which one weighed more than three times as much as the other. Because of the stark mass imbalance, the collision generated gravitational waves at multiple frequencies, in a harmony Elvis fans would recognize. The chord also confirms a prediction of Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity, or general relativity.
Such mismatched mass events could help theorists figure out how pairs of black holes form in the first place. “Anything that seems to be at the edge of our predictions is most interesting,” says Chris Belczynski, a gravitational theorist at the Polish Academy of Sciences, who was not involved in the observation. But the one event is “not quite in the regime where you can tell the different formation [routes] apart.”


India bajo el prisma del covid-19

Esta serie que vi en The Atlantic la comparto porque es apabullante el paralelismo visual que comparte India con México. 

Link: India Under Coronavirus Lockdown

Cupido x François-Joseph Bosio

Por François-Joseph Bosio. Me llama la atención el ejercicio de palimpsesto con el fondo blanco, detrás de cupido. Se pueden ver los tags que estaban antes de este mural. 
Link: A Graffiti-Covered Mural by PichiAvo Converts a Pipe into Cupid’s Arrow