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La generosidad como táctica de supervivencia

El artículo “For Low-Income People, Generosity Is A Survival Tactic” tiene un párrafo muy interesante que debe leerse y releerse para entender el fenómeno de los círculos comunitario de apoyo para familias con recursos económicos restringidos:

Some people do need more than others. Pretending otherwise introduces an element of shame that doesn’t exist within low-income giving circles, in which everyone understands what they are providing and why. What’s worse, it introduces the idea that need is a weakness, rather than a normal and reciprocal part of human existence. The expectation that people can take when they need and give when they have plenty is essential to how societies work. If it’s been a long time since you needed something, it’s easy to forget that. But that’s not a luxury that most low-income people have.