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'Rootedness', la idea de la felicidad según los Aztecas

Del artículo publicado en Aeon magazine:

The answer is that we should strive to lead a rooted, or worthwhile life. The word the Aztecs used is neltiliztli. It literally means ‘rootedness’, but also ‘truth’ and ‘goodness’ more broadly. They believed that the true life was the good one, the highest humans could aim for in our deliberate actions. This resonates with the views of their classical ‘Western’ counterparts, but diverges on two other fronts. First, the Aztecs held that this sort of life would not lead to ‘happiness’, except by luck. Second, the rooted life had to be achieved at four separate levels, a more encompassing method than that of the Greeks.
The first level concerns character. Next, we are to be rooted in our psyches. At a third level, one found rootedness in the community, by playing a social role. Finally, one was to seek rootedness in teotl, the divine and single being of existence.
A life led in this way would harmonise body, mind, social purpose and wonder at nature.
Conecto el rootedness mencionado en el artículo con otro que encontré en GQ Magazine sobre el commitment.

En Quora me encontré semanas atrás esto que lo relaciono con rootedness.