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Vivimos en el mundo de Larry David

Este estupendo perfil/entrevista con Larry David es un largo capítulo de Curb your Enthusiasm.
Ten seasons in, the production may be more professionalized, and the budgets bigger, but the show is made more or less as it always has been: David and Schaffer—a former Seinfeld staffer and creator of the Curb-influenced The League who has been on board since season five—labor over outlines for each episode. The scenes themselves are improvised. Though Curb has been a Grand Central Terminal for famous cameos, the process is not for everybody. Some actors come in trying too hard to be funny. Others have trouble negotiating the tricky landscape of exactly how to insult Larry. On the one hand, he loves abuse and is notorious for bursting into laughter whenever somebody lays into him. (“Do me a favor, just quote me in the article as saying, ‘I adore Larry David,’ ” [Ted] Danson told me, dissolving into giggles. “He'll hate that!”)

(Larry es un buenazo en cuestión de moda.)

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