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The French Dispatch trailer

Avance de The French Dispatch, película de Wes Anderson:

La próxima cinta de Anderson está basada en The New Yorker. Ahí en el sitio web se encuentra una fotogalería que lo explica.

Anderson has been a New Yorker devotee since he was a teen-ager, and has even amassed a vast collection of bound volumes of the magazine, going back to the nineteen-forties. That he has placed his fictional magazine in a made-up French metropolis (it’s called Ennui-sur-Blasé), at some point midway through the last century, only makes connecting the dots between “The French Dispatch” and The New Yorker that much more delightful.

Algo en lo que se fija la revista GQ es en los outfits de los personajes.

1. No one in Soho dresses like this now, but they absolutely should
2. Chalamet’s smart revolutionary
3. The grail-chasing artiste
4. A sharp-dressed man
5. Prep really is back
6. Breaking: this look rules
7. This mouth-watering sweater vest
8. Owen Wilson’s très chic beret

Sinceramente Benicio del Toro parece salido de la pasarela de Sterling Ruby.