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Dos observaciones sobre Steve Buscemi

Sobre la cuarentena:

When Buscemi calls me from his home a few weeks later, the world around us is completely altered by the pandemic. Well, mostly. “It doesn't feel that much different from what I do when I'm not working,” he admits. “Except that I would usually go out more.”

Sobre el duelo: 

In grieving, Buscemi has had days when he feels like he's underwater and doesn't want to be comforted. Other days when he's immensely grateful to have friends and family to lean on for support. Last fall, when he had to fly to Prague to film something after Andres died, he was racked with anxiety about being so far from home. The process is anything but linear. I ask him how he's weathering it now, with so much uncertainty swirling around us.

“It's been over a year now since Jo passed, and I'm just starting to feel lighter,” he says. “It is very strange that, oh, now this is happening. If it was another personal thing, I think that would be really hard.

“But the fact that everybody's going through it doesn't feel as isolating,” he continues. “It feels like it's something that we're doing together.”