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It Was Good Until It Wasn’t - Kehlani

El disco de Kehlani It Was Good Until It Wasn’t fue el que más disfruté de los nuevos lanzamientos surgidos durante el fin de semana.

The singer grew up in the social media age. She’s incredibly aware of how all her actions — what she says, does, likes, wears, whom she dates, befriends, and tweets — will be either applauded and celebrated, or judged and mocked.

“That’s why when people do that whole, ‘These new girls, they need to be like Beyoncé and Aaliyah. Aaliyah would never be on Instagram, commenting back.’ It's like, ‘Bro, Aaliyah didn’t have an Instagram! It didn’t exist. Beyoncé was a whole grown adult before Instagram came out.’ You can’t compare us. We grew up getting dissected.”